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Hot water floor heating

Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture

Medium-scale facilities


Delivery date : four days

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Customer Testimonials

ー What made you think about construction?

When a proposal was made to build a new building next to the existing nursery school, we wanted to provide a warm nursery for the children and decided to install floor heating.

ーHow has it changed since construction? How does it feel to use?

The previous nursery school was old and had drafts, so the new building and heated floors allow the children to enjoy the warmth of the new building and the warmth of the floor heating.

About ingenious ingeniousnts from the staff

ー Contact person: Takeda

We have installed floor heating in the rooms where infants spend their time and where teachers spend their time.
Our original hot-water panel system reduces the monthly running cost, so you will be able to significantly reduce your utility costs during the winter season.


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Q&A about this construction

ー How do you install a kitchen, washbasin, or other furnishings if they are placed there?

We will discuss with you in advance and avoid furniture.
We can design the room according to the customer’s needs.

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