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Industrial Heating Business

Heat Trace has been manufacturing electrical heat cables in the UK for over 30 years.
The company has been manufacturing electric heat cables in the UK for over 30 years.
Heat Trace’s headquarters and main manufacturing plant is located in Helsby, northwest England. The plant manufactures automatic controlled heat cables and other products. The main piece of equipment is an electronic beam unit, one of only two in the UK and one of only a few in Europe. Heat Trace’s HealthBee headquarters operates worldwide (outside of Japan) and accounts for 90% of overall sales. Heat Trace’s second plant is located in Bredbury, approximately 56 km from the Helsby headquarters. The Bredbury plant has been manufacturing low-power heat cables for over 20 years. Heat Trace Limited, located in Sunderland, northeast England, handles domestic sales in the UK.

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Typical Application/Market Sectors.
power plant
  • Poron water
  • carbon dioxide
  • fuel oil
  • caustic solution
  • Instrument Line
  • To prevent residual heat heating steam line stress
iron and
  • Fuel Oil System
  • Frost Protection
  • grease pipeline
  • Hopper heating
iron and
  • Heating tomorrow felt (bituminous tar) and road stone construction pitch
  • fuel oil
  • Sand and aggregate frost protection in storage hopper
  • Inks and dyes in production and storage
plastics industry
  • Curing curable resin
  • Glass fiber accelerated curing
painting material
  • Paints and varnishes in production and in paint spray applications

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