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Electric floor heating

Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture

Medium-scale facilities

Reinforced steel-framed concrete construction

Delivery date : six days

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Customer Testimonials

ーWhat made you think about construction?

We decided to install underfloor heating as a result of our primary concern for the comfort of the children.

ーHow has it changed since construction? How does it feel to use?

We haven’t had winter yet, but I can’t wait for it to arrive.

About ingenious ingeniousnts from the staff

ー Contact person: Takeda

It was a fairly large nursery school.
There was no space under the floor, so we installed piping up to the ceiling in advance to bring the power lines up to the ceiling when installing the floor heating system.
The construction work was done in such a way that the power lines would be brought up to the ceiling when the floor heating was installed.
We imagined the children playing around in the warm space with smiles on their faces during the winter season.


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Q&A about this construction

ー Is it possible to construct a house without a subfloor?

Yes, we can. Yes, it is possible. Even if there is no subfloor, construction is possible, so please contact us.

ー Is there a fire hazard?

The product has undergone a quality control investigation by a third-party organization for the safety and security of electrical products. It is a heater that does not cause housework.

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