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Melting of snow

PTC from power heaters for snow melting
Asia Star
Start a Revolution
Only asiastar has 3-phase 200 volt heaters!
Only Asia Star’s
3-phase 200-volt heaters are available for
snow-melting contracts.
Reduce the basic contract rate and electricity bills can be saved.
Snow melting contract with 3-phase 200V
Limited time contract from December~March. You can use it at a reasonable price.
Subsidy programs are available.
Conditions vary from municipality to municipality, but Subsidies are available.
Image of electricity running costs
Save 9 months on the basic contract rate compared to a conventional electric light contract!
up to heater
On the spot Effective for melting snow!
(Gutter and Icicle Prevention)
Free-cut to accommodate complex locations
By controlling the amount of power flow and The power consumption is reduced by controlling the amount of electricity generated!

Dedicated snow-melting controller

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