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Road heating

It can be used during pavement construction as well as on top of the current pavement surface.
Snow around the front door and in the parking lot, early in the morning and late at night. Why don’t you start living a comfortable winter life, free from snow removal work?
Advantages of Road Snowmelt
①Low electricity costs due to self-temperature controlled heaters.

②Can be installed in accordance with the installation location, such as parking spaces and aisles.

③It is also safe and secure against freezing and falls.

④Unlike the boiler system, the electric system takes up less space and generates no noise or vibration.

⑤Since it is electric, it does not emit CO and is environmentally friendly.

⑥Saves time and effort in snow removal. (No need to keep a dumping ground for snow)

Road heaters
SM3R First in Japan!
  • Maximum surface heat resistance temperature:105℃
  • Min. take payment temperature:-20℃
  • Operating voltage: 3-phase 200V  60W/m fixed output type
Product Features
  • Temperature rises so fast!
  • Long heater life because of nichrome wire
  • Maximum surface heat resistance temperature:200℃
  • Min. take payment temperature:-20℃
  • Operating voltage: Single-phase 200V 60W/m Self-control type
Product Features
  • Fixed output type but with parallel system applied Cutting is possible in 1m increments
  • Can be used for asphalt
  • Maximum surface heat resistance temperature:80℃
  • Min. take payment temperature:-30℃
  • Operating voltage: Single-phase 200V 96W/m Self-control type
Product Features
  • Free cutting is possible
  • Self-control function controls current flow to reduce power consumption
Greatly cuts the time and energy required for snow removal. Protects your family from icing, falls and slips. Compatible with asphalt, concrete, mortar, and tile. Home → Entrance, in front of garage, etc. Various facilities→Entrances, outdoor stairs, parking lots, etc. General roads→Intersections, sharp curves, slopes, etc.

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