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Snow melting mat "Snow Break" safely melts snow at the entrance, sidewalks, stairs, etc.
Energy-saving snow melting mats that melt snow without the need for troublesome snow removal. Easy for anyone to use, perfect for entrances, hospitals, facilities, etc.! The mats can also be combined on different levels. No need for extensive construction work as the mats are simply placed and energized!
Snow Break Features
  • ①This is an eco-friendly product that turns waste tires into rubber chips and incorporates a snow-melting device.

  • ②No major installation work is required, as the mats are simply placed and energized.

  • ③The rubber tip is gentle to the feet and helps prevent injury by preventing slipping.

  • ④Good permeability prevents water from accumulating on the surface.

  • ⑤Standard sizes are 1000 mm and 1500 mm, but size orders are also available.

  • ⑥Available in green, red, beige and yellow. You can choose the color that best fits your installation location.
reference specification
  • ※Electric capacity depends on the area.
  • ※Electrical work charges are not included. (Installation of snow-melting electric power, snow-melting sensors, etc.)
  • ※Transportation and installation costs (if work is involved) are not included.
  • ※Power cord is 3m as standard. Optional: 5m and 10m are also available.
  • ※Weight is about 10 kg per sheet. (for aisle)
  • ※This product is made to order.

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