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Asiastar's floor heating is
Low cost & low maintenance.
Because it can be installed anywhere It is possible to create a warm home that suits your lifestyle.
Secrets of Underfloor Heating Warmth
Warm all over!
Unlike air conditioners and stoves, underfloor heating uses "radiant heat (far-infrared radiation)" to warm the room, so the entire room becomes gradually warmer, creating a comfortable environment that is not cold anywhere.

Warm all over, no temperature difference between the top and bottom!

Floor heating heats the entire room from the floor, so there is no temperature difference between the upper and lower floors.
Safe for small children and pets
Because there is little difference in temperature between the ceiling area and the floor, babies, pets, and of course adults can spend their time comfortably.
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Safe and secure. No fire.

Floor heating systems do not use fire, so there is no risk of burns or fires, and children can stay at home in a warm house alone.

Heating Appliance Accident Factors for Children

Underfloor heating would be a relief!

And more!

No dust and clean air

Floor heating is also recommended for those who are concerned about dusty air in winter. 

No low-temperature burns with safe temperature settings
Don't you have to be careful about low-temperature burns with floor heating? Asiastar's floor heating has been tested by one of the largest testing organizations in Japan (Better Living Foundation). It is self-temperature controlled, so it keeps the temperature safely and economically.
Hard to cause allergies

Since there is little difference in temperature between cold and hot, floor heating prevents moisture from condensation and inhibits the formation of dust mites, mold, etc. Allergy-preventing effects can also be expected.

Why floor heating is comfortable
Experiment with thermo camera

Air conditioners that don't heat up your feet very well, even though your feet are the coldest part of your body.
The head is hot while the feet are cold, and it is hot when you stand up while it is cold when you lie down.
With floor heating, your feet and head are comfortable, whether you are lying down or standing up.

Experimental Details

The indoor temperature was set to 24°C while the outdoor temperature was 2.8°C. After 15 minutes of operation, the images were taken with a thermo camera.
In order to accurately compare the differences in warming, the temperatures of the air conditioner and the floor heater were taken on different days under the same conditions.
The temperature at the feet, which are particularly susceptible to cold, was also compared with and without the floor heating system.

15minutes later

Only the top is warm.The lower half is cold. Warm feet.Floor warmer than body.

Foot temperature

The feet get colder. Warm from feet up.


Air conditioners are warm only where the wind hits them. Underfloor heating warms the whole body.
Floor heating is perfect for someone sensitive to the cold
Be environmentally friendly in your daily life

Feel warmth even at low temperature settings

Floor heating that makes it difficult to feel a difference between the set room temperature and the temperature you feel, even at low temperature settings, so you can achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle simply by living in an environmentally friendly manner without wasting energy resources.

We support the SDGs

Asia Star continues to work toward the realization of a sustainable society while delivering heating equipment that is kind to both the body and the environment.

Choose the installation that best suits your lifestyle.
Asiastar's floor heating can be installed in a variety of sizes, in small ranges, and in complex shapes.
Whole-house floor heating protects your health forever.
Sudden temperature differences are a burden on blood vessels. It is said that a temperature difference of 2 to 3°C inside a large house is optimal, but an air conditioner cannot be installed from the bathroom to the lavatory.

Actually, it may be scarier than coronavirus.


Effects of cold and warm temperatures on the human body

Temperature difference puts strain on heart and blood vessels

Sudden changes in temperature can put a strong strain on cardiopulmonary functions. When combined with arteriosclerosis and lifestyle-related diseases, it can cause dangerous situations. ...... Installing floor heating in the hallways, toilets, and dressing rooms will reduce the difference in cold temperatures and make the house healthier and more livable forever.

Winter is Dangerous, Heat Shock

In winter, you want to warm yourself in a hot bath. But such a season is dangerous. Cold changing rooms, hot baths, and cold changing rooms again...... repeated temperature differences can cause heat shock.
NOTE Concerns about underfloor heating

The secret is the parallel circulation system

Numerous patented technologies
reduce costs while maintaining comfort.


Circulation system utilizing the properties of water

Asia Star's hot-water floor heating panel water pipes utilize a patented, revolutionary circulation system that gradually increases the speed of the water flow by making the pipes thinner and thicker before returning to the water heater, thereby reducing the water flow and damaging the machine and warming the room quickly.

Amount of water is about 1/2!

The patented piping system allows for 1/2 the amount of water to flow through the system compared to other companies! The amount of water used is reduced, so it is easier to warm up and maintain the temperature at a lower cost!
Low-cost floor heating that makes a difference the longer you use it.
Our representatives will suggest the most efficient place to install the system according to your lifestyle and house! Start living warm in winter with low running cost underfloor heating by Asiastar. Why don't you start living a warm life even in winter?

Record running costs of less than 200 yen per day

Surprising running costs realized through various corporate efforts. At the Yamagata Exhibition Hall, the cost is less than 200 yen per day during fall and winter with 24-hour operation. A warm living space can be realized at a surprisingly low cost.

Compare warmth and cost!

Floor heating boasts overwhelming cost performance. According to the manufacturer's specifications, the electricity bill is reduced to 1/2~1/6! The more you use it, the more you save. *The results are based on trial calculations. The results may vary depending on the actual temperature and usage conditions. These results are not necessarily guaranteed.
Asia Star's hot water panels The Asia Star hot water panel is a product announced by the Better Living Foundation, which evaluates and tests housing and building materials. The product is released by the Better Living Foundation, a general incorporated foundation that evaluates and tests housing and building materials.
Designed and manufactured in Japan for safety and security
Asiastar's floor heating panels are manufactured completely in Japan. They are made in Japan for safety and peace of mind.



Our self-developed floor heating panels are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any floor plan, and each size can be connected and used, regardless of area or shape.



We offer two types of floor heating systems, electric and hot water, so you can choose the floor heating system that best suits your needs. We consider the customer's point of view and try to design a proposal that provides a warmer space to spend time in.



All panels are manufactured completely in Japan. We centrally manage everything from manufacturing to checking and shipping at our affiliated factories in Japan. We warm your home with safe and reliable Made in Japan products.



All materials are procured in-house and are controlled and tested from production to shipment, so you can use them with peace of mind.



Asia Star's hot-water floor heating installation is handled only by certified installers. We do not accept just anyone because we want to take responsibility until the very end. Our staff in charge, who have undergone strict checks and guidance from our head office, will handle the work.



Safe and secure underfloor heating anywhere in the country! And we can handle maintenance ASAP!

Always a warm home away from home

Please feel free to contact us for a quote, questions, or concerns.

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