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Zero electromagnetic radiation
“heating cables” are ideal for installation floor heating.
Zero electromagnetic radiation “heating cables” are ideal for installation floor heating.This is a heating system that uses a heating wire embedded in the floor of a building to provide main and auxiliary heating of the floor by utilizing heat conduction by electricity. This is an Ondol(*1) heating system that makes the indoor environment comfortable. The cable, which is the heating source, is 5.5mm thick and is a special heat-generating conductor that is designed for length and low resistance. The inner core is double coated with special soft PE, and an electromagnetic wave blocking screen is further coated on top of it. No harmful electromagnetic waves are generated. (*1) Ondol is a heating method that heats stones to warm the entire house or room. Manufacturer: Mitake Denshi Kogyo Co.
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The greatest feature of electric floor heating is that it is clean because it does not use fire and does not pollute the air, making it friendly to both the earth and your body. The PTC far-infrared floor heating system that we handle, which boasts of warmth like a warm sunlit room, is ideal for use in homes with elderly people and small children. It is an ideal heating system for the future, and can be used safely by households with elderly people and small children. We believe that such a human-friendly heating system is not limited to humans, but is also friendly to all animals and plants, and we are currently developing a new heating system for pets and other animals. Products suitable for pets and other animals, as well as for horticulture and agriculture, are being developed one after another. Many of these products use heating cables that are easy to apply, durable, and easy to work with. We look forward to your continued interest in heating cable heating, for which needs will continue to increase in the future.

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