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Bedrock bath
Floor Heating System
Underfloor heating in any space
Patented new floor heating technology
MASAKI Hot water panel
PTC far-infrared floor heating
Can be installed on concrete
Heating cable
Asia Star's
Hot Water Panel
Circulating electric water heater
Introduction of health facilities is rising rapidly!  
More than 200 installations!  
It is low-cost and can be placed anywhere!
Can be installed in any space
Circulating electric water heaters are
Height 461 x Width 305 x Depth 145     
First compact design in Japan  
The exterior is made of steel for safety, The exterior is made of steel for safety. The exterior is made of steel for safety.
■Compact design + wall-mounted type for installation in a small indoor space
■Not required to be installed outdoors, so it can be used for complex facilities.
■Registered with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as an "instantaneous water heater" for peace of mind!
Everything is low-cost with the combination of patented MASAKI hot water panels and circulating electric water heaters!
MASAKI hot-water panels are manufactured in-house, which significantly reduces costs! MASAKI hot-water panels are used instead of the conventional hot-water floor heating system, which uses a series system.
■Parallel hot-water panels reduce the amount of water required by more than 40% compared to the series system, which also reduces running costs by more than 40%.
■Initial costs are also low because of the company's own brand!
MASAKI hot water panel & circulating electric water heater
Wall-mounted type

With window to check water level

Tank capacity 4L
finishing material
With Rakuraku Controller
Each button has its own name, making it easy for anyone to use.
Two types can be combined to make a large studio.
MASAKI hot water panel up to 24 square meters
MASAKI heated panel up to 48 square meters
Parallel circulation system adopted
In MASAKI hot water panels, all piping is in parallel. The parallel arrangement speeds up the water circulation and transfers heat efficiently and evenly.
EPDM rubber is used for piping
Generally, cross-linked polyethylene is used for hot water piping, but MASAKI hot water panel uses "special heat-conductive EPDM rubber". This rubber is durable enough to be used in car windshield wipers, etc., and its far-infrared ray effect also increases heating efficiency.
than conventional hot-water floor heating.
running cost
More than 40% reduction
MASAKI hot water panel running cost
8 hours 12 hours
2.8kw circulating electric water heater ¥7,997 ¥11,996
4kw circulating electric water heater ¥11,424 ¥17,136
※Running costs may vary depending on conditions of equipment use, outdoor temperature, etc.
※Running costs are estimates only and are not guaranteed.
※Running cost is calculated by the following formula: rental fee x unit price x hours x days x utilization rate (70%).
※Unit prices are calculated at an average unit price of 17 yen per kilowatt hour from Tokyo Electric Power Company's commercial electricity rates.
Asia Star can heat all spaces!
finishing material
Self-regulating film heatershave high thermal efficiency and warm evenly.
Clean heating system that does not use fire and does not pollute the air
cable heater
finishing material
Ideal for bedrockbathsandsaunas!
Cable heaters that can be laid in concrete structuresare used!

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