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QI don't have any particular qualifications. Can I install it myself?

Electric heaters require electrical wiring, which must be done by a qualified electrician.

QIf we are remodeling, will you tear out the floor and complete the installation?

We do not do remodeling work, but we can make introductions.

QIs maintenance required?

Our floor heating systems will be maintenance-free. However, hot water systems will require replenishment of antifreeze.

QIs it possible to add floor heating in a reinforced concrete building?

We can also provide buried heaters. We also offer buried heaters, so please contact us for more information.

QIs it possible to construct a one-room apartment, etc.?

It is possible. We have experience in installing these systems in apartments and other buildings. It is also possible to install in each room or only in a part of a room.


QWhat are some examples of non-compensation?

Compensation will not be provided unless the work is performed by our responsible installer or by a certified installer.

QIs there any deterioration of the product? Will the effectiveness of the product deteriorate by that much?

There has never been any deterioration in the effectiveness of the product due to deterioration.

QWhat are the requirements for a guarantee?

In principle, a warranty is required for responsible construction by a certified contractor.

QWhat does the guarantee entitle me to?

In the unlikely event of a heater failure, we will cover the full cost of the heater if we can clearly identify a problem with our heater.

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