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Tutaelu Inc. featured us on their blog!

Hello. This is Takahashi from Asia Star.
I am pleased to report that our company has been introduced on the blog of Tutael Corporation, which has hired us for advisory work.
Blog of Tutael Corporation
Only floor heating is hot yo! | Tutaelu|Okada’s Blog (2tael.co.jp)
Over the past few months, Tutael has been working with us to expand our sales channels, helping us with price revisions, pamphlet preparation, and presentation materials.
We are very grateful to Tutaelle for their guidance and for coming all the way to Kyushu to help us with our big presentation.
Thanks to your help, many of our products will reach our customers this year and warm their homes and hearts.
We will share our high goals with our employees and build a company where both customers and employees can be happy!


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